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Bay City Bash 2002

Here is what Granada Plus are promising us for the next few weeks:

Kill Huggy Bear

Tue 9th Apr 17:00

Lady Blue

Wed 10th Apr 17:00

Captain Dobey, You're Dead

Thu 11th Apr 17:00

Terror On The Docks

Fri 12th Apr 17:00

The Deadly Imposter

Mon 15th Apr 17:00


Tue 16th Apr 17:00

The Hostage

Wed 17th Apr 17:00

Losing Streak

Thu 18th Apr 17:00


Fri 19th Apr 17:00

Omaha Tiger

Mon 22nd Apr 17:00


Tue 23rd Apr 17:00


Wed 24th Apr 17:00

Coffin For Starsky

Thu 25th Apr 17:00

Bounty Hunter

Fri 26th Apr 17:00

Las Vegas Strangler part 1

Mon 29th Apr 17:00

Las Vegas Strangler part 2

Tue 30th Apr 17:00

Fatal Charm

Wed 1st May 17:00

Murder On Voodoo Island

Thu 2nd May 17:00

Episode repeated (probably part 2)

Fri 3rd May 17:00

The Collector

Sat 4th May 12:00

The Trap

Sat 4th May 13:00


Sat 4th May 14:00


Sat 4th May 15:00

The Game

Sat 4th May 16:00

The Groupie

Sat 4th May 17:00

Murder Ward

Mon 6th May 17:00

I Love You, Rosey Malone

Tue 7th May 17:00

The Crying Child

Wed 8th May 17:00

Death In A Different Place

Thu 9th May 17:00

The Heroes

Fri 10th May 17:00