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Starsky & Hutch Fiction Recommendations

This is a list of my favourite S&H fiction available online. Since this is such an old fandom, a lot of the fic is available in Zines, and in Zines alone, though more and more of it is becoming available on the web. 

I'm listing them in alphabetical** order, since I don't want to rank them or anything. 

Legal note: Stories marked with an asterisk have sexually explicit (sometimes very explicit) content and should not be read by persons who are under age in their country of residence.

Alternate * by Pamela Rose
A young hooker's customer behaves in a very odd fashion - I know that doesn't sound very interesting, but I really don't want to give anything away!

Descry* by Elizabeth Lowry
A bad guy stalks S&H and makes them more and more paranoid... a really cool story with an intriguing point of view.

Drought by PFL
How does Hutch handle Starsky's return to work after Sweet Revenge?

A Fine Storm * by Suzan L. 
Classic tale of doubt and angst as each partner misinterprets the other's intentions.

Geez, Louise, d'ya think I'm in love?* by Flamingo
Set during Hutchinson for Murder One - Vanessa's return leads to a crisis of confidence... for Starsky! Really cool, really hot story - and if that sounds like an oxymoron, just go check it out.

The Goliath by Suzan L.
After Sweet Revenge, Starsky goes undercover as a 'Family Man' and Hutch nearly goes out of his mind with worry

Heatwave * by Syn Ferguson
Why did Hutch get beaten up, and why didn't he do anything to defend himself?

Hour of Separation * by Sylvia Bond
While Dobey is on vacation, a new captain decides that Starsky and Hutch would work better with different partners

The Hunt by MinnieK
During the hunt for a serial killer, a strange bracelet brings S&H into the firing line in a battle between the forces of good and evil

If Love is Real Series* by Flamingo
Not all of this brilliant series is online, but two of my favourites are: Vanessa and Helen. Best to read them all in sequence, though, and you can find them in the Classics section of the Slash Archive, under 'Flamingo'. What happens? Well, you see one of them is gay, but the other one wants a physical relationship...

The Last Charade * by Rosemary C
Any attempt to summarize this one either sounds annoyingly vague, or gives away the whole plot. Beautiful story, though. If you've read it, let me know if you have any ideas for a synopsis.

Phantoms * by Charlotte Frost
No time to think of a clever teaser, just glad it's up at last. A long story with lots of plot and lots of angst.

The Thousandth Man by Suzan L.
After S vs H, Hutch goes undercover as a neo-nazi and Meredith returns as Starsky's partner

Two Hearts, One Fire by Constance Collins
a sequel to "Written in the Heart", but it can stand on its own. After almost dying, Starsky has become very focused on what he wants. This story has a wonderful teasing relationship and some hilarious bits in it, though the extended Bronte is best ignored.

 **If you want to nitpick, just bear in mind that 'The' and 'A' don't count in my book.



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