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Reunion 99

Reunion 99

Viv's Report

SHaron okay, okay - I'll bite. You want my version of events well here goes.

You said HE was *GORGEOUS* - well girl that was one helluva understatement. He's the most sexiest thing that ever walked on this earth. Wow that smile. Wow those eyes. & Wow that kiss. SHaron said she'd never wash her hand again after that handshake - what am I gonna do?

Well gals I'm still floating from the most exciting week of my entire life. You know I only ever had 2 ambitions in life. One was to win the lottery (for obvious reasons - I could quit work & spend all day writing those SH stories I always wanted to write). And number two was to meet Mr PMG. And just as I thought there is no way I'm gonna win that lottery I also thought there is just no way I am gonna meet that man.

So when I heard he was in town there was just no way I was gonna miss out!!!

Arranged to take a long lunch break (well a girls gotta do & all that ...) & meet up with SHaron & Linda. The deal being they would get there first to save a place in the expected line & I would take the photos of the guys by the Torino at the appropiate time.

As I walked through those doors into the Virgin Megastore I could feel the "butterflies" in my stomach & the flush on my cheeks. I have never been so excited in my entire life. After 20 years I knew I was gonna finally meet HIM. And from the feel of the place it seemed everyone else there was feeling the same - between you & me I know SHaron was - even though she tries to act cool, calm & collected.

So I moved over to where the press "lay in wait" right next to the Torino. And they were all having a ball - taking pictures of each other in front of THE car (well they were all the right age to really remember the show) & one of them had brought along a black curly wig & they were all taking turns wearing it. I got wind that Paul, David & Antoino were expected any minute coming down the Escalator so I made a quick dash to pass on the news to SHaron & Linda who were in prime position to take photos as they came down. Then it was back to my spot to wait.

And then it was happening - the guys appeared looking completely surprised by the raptuous welcome everyone gave them. And then Paul was in front of me - & he looked over and smiled (MELT).

Someone had left the Torino passenger door open & Paul turned to David & said "hey should I leap in". David laughed. Then all the press started shouting "Paul, David, Huggy over here ... in front of the car".

As the guys moved round front someone said "sit on the bonnet" - Paul thought that was highly amusing & turning to David he said "sit on the bonnet?" There then followed 5 minutes of complete camera mania as the press went mad snapping away & shouting the guys' names over and over - it was just like the 70's all over again. Then all three said okay that's enough and all three shouted out a countdown - "three, two, one - that's it guys - that's enough."

Then they moved over to the "signing table" after passing close by one more time - SIGH.

So I rushed back to my place in line & stood shaking as we quickly moved up to be next in line.

The deal was SHaron would present PMG with the ZEDCON 2 PAF check & I would hand over the Birthday Champagne. And as I reached the beginning of the signing table all I could think of was "what am I gonna say to HIM" - & still SHaron is cool, calm & collected - how does she do it????

Exchanged a few words with Antonio - I had met him on Monday night at the rehearsal for Dead Monkey & passed on a bottle of English Beer with the advise that he had to drink it warm & not cold - & then on to David mentioning how good I thought the play & concert was.

Then I hear SHaron reach THE man & hand over the PAF check with REAL style - saying something like "here you are Paul this is for PAF" - Paul was so pleased!!! He took the check & put it straight in his jacket pocket, shook her hand & said "thank you darlin'" - WOW

Now it's my turn - & suddenly all the nervousness was gone & I said "Happy Birthday Paul - here's a little something for you & Tracy to crack open tonight"

And he was really pleased & looked straight into my eyes - said thank you & turned to David to say "hey look what I got".

Then I GRASPED my moment - my ONLY chance - AND leant forward to kiss HIM on the cheek.

OH JOY OF JOYS I DID IT!!! - DON'T ASK ME HOW but I did it. And it just goes to prove Ms SHaron L. that I too can be cool, calm & collected when the chips are down!!!

So with my turn over I moved round to the face the signing table for a few more shots with the camera (hope they come out). As I stood watching Paul (can't imagine why but my eyes never left him) I overheard an elderly lady say how much she liked him - he flashed her a REAL Starsky grin and said "does your Husband know that" (I smiled to myself - it just reminded me of the line "does your Mommy know you know words like that"). Then a teenage boy - he must have been about the same age as Jake - asked Paul for his authograph & I could see from the look in Paul's eyes that he was thinking "this kid wasn't even alive when I was doing that show!!"

Then we had the great idea of singing Happy Birthday to Paul. And as they all got up to leave that's just what we did - AND Paul LOVED it - I was REALLY pleased.

And then it was over. They all left. And I have never feld sooooo HIGH. There was just enough time to get a quick photo of SHaron, Linda & myself in front of the Torino & then I had to get back to work.

I remember sitting on the train heading back with a hug GRIN on my face. And I swear I could still smell THAT man's aftershave on the Video Box he had signed - not that I was smelling it you understand <GRIN>

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