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These pages commemorate an event we normally refer to as the 99 Reunion: Paul Glaser and David Soul appeared together, in public, for the first time in heaven knows how many years, and the place they did it was London. Of course the organisers of the event made sure that a Torino was around, too, and Huggy showed up for some of the fun. Paul and David signed autographs at a record store in Central London, and appeared on a Friday night talk-show later in the same week.

Here are the reports of some of the people who went to the record store event and saw them in person, as well as a report on what happened in that talkshow. There are also a few pictures. Thanks to SHaron and Viv for writing it all up for the rest of us.

SHaron's report on the London event
Viv's report on the London event
SHaron's report on the talk show





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