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As many of you will know, Cindy, a friend in the US, has been posting thousands of framegrabs (jpgs) from S&H episodes on her website over a period of time. She usually has about five eps up at any one time, which she rotates. Anybody can access the current selection and download it from her page of Starsky & Hutch Odds and Ends. The pics on this page come from there as well, although I've reduced them again to save loading time.

Downloading MBs and MBs of pictures takes a long time, and if you connect via a modem it can get pretty expensive. Then there's the question of where to store all those wonderful pics. Well, if you live in the British Isles, help is at hand. Contact me, and for the price of 5 you can have all the pics on one shiny CD-Rom.

Of the 5, 1 is for the CD-Rom itself, .50 or thereabouts for postage, and the rest will go to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Note that all the pricing info only applies if you live in the British Isles. If you live elsewhere and are truly desperate, contact me and we'll work something out.



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