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Links to Starsky & Hutch Related Sites

This list is not exhaustive, and it isn't meant to be. It's a collection of links I use a lot or think may be of general interest. Some of the sites shown have links to other sites that aren't listed here.

Information pages:
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Green Stamps - lots of info and an episode guide
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Starsky & Hutch Character guide
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Blue's page with lots of S&H info and pics
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Robin's Page- with links to other S&H related pages

Picture collections:
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Blue's Pics Site - lots of Starsky & Hutch pics
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Cindy's Site - Thousands of framegrabs from the episodes
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Another S&H fan site with pics

Fanfiction on the Web:
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Starsky & Hutch Gen Archive
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Starsky & Hutch Slash Archive
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Striped Tomato's Fiction Den
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)The Pits Fiction Archive
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)The Bay City Library
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Jat Sapphire's Fiction and Poetry - Everything on this page is good, and there's also a very good recs page

Agents selling print zines:
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)In Person Press
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Agent With Style
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Discovered On A Website

Guidance for fan fiction writers
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Things to check Before You Post your story
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)How to write almost readable fan fiction
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Holy Mother Grammatica's Guide To Good Writing
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Guide to Grammar and Writing - very good!
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Strunk & White and Fowler - classics!

rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)The Pits - a mailing list for S&H fiction.
You have to be registered with Yahoogroups to join.

Useful sites for research
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)S&H Writers' Resource Links - lots of useful links
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)LAPD online and California Police Codes
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)California Law Enforcement Online
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)The Fanfiction Writer's Research Resource


Sites about the stars:
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Paul Glaser online
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)David Soul.com
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)John's Torino Site
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Antonio Fargas Official Site

Other interesting sites:
rd_tri.gif (902 bytes)Zebra Con Website

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