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Welcome to Bay City, U.K. For those who came here by accident, this is where you find information about anything related to Starsky & Hutch that's happening in the British Isles. 

Current events:


  • The Bay City Bash is over and we had a lot of fun. Con reports, stories and pics are now up.

  • NEW: More Fannish Fripperies available from SHaron - check the updated list of goods, including Starsky & Hutch mugs, bowls, clocks, t-shirts etc. Now also for other fandoms

  • Download SHaron's Starsky & Hutch calendar pages while the year is still not, uh, half over!

Regular stuff:

  • S&H goodies, including gifts by SHaron, a 2002 calendar by SHaron, wallpaper by Nikki, and framegrabs on CD Rom.

  • Links to other interesting S&H related sites

  • Fiction recommendations - this is a new section which I split off from the links page, now that I have more than half a dozen stories to recommend.

  • "The Hunt" - a S&H story by Minnie K. It's one big 360k chunk, so if you're on metered calls, you may want to download at night...

  • New kid on the block? If you're new to fandom in general and S&H fandom in particular, here's a starter kit of essential links. 

  • Admire the Venice Place Band T-Shirt design.

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